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We have been doing mobile development for a long time. And mobile development technologies have evolved over time - Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7. And we’ve managed to keep abreast of these trends and continue to deliver value to our clients.

All layers of the programming stack – app and OEM level
Our clients include device manufacturers (Palm, Plastic Logic, Wimm Labs, etc.) as well as software product companies (Sharpcast, Tribal Brands, Volkswagen, etc.). This allows us to work on different layers of the programming stack – both with functionality exposed only to OEMs, as well as regular third party developers.

We are equally comfortable (a) configuring, building and customizing ROMs, (b) building middleware components like virtual file systems and content management systems, and (c) building user interface applications.


  • OEM and Application level
  • Building and customizing ROMs, Content Providers, Bluetooth, Browser customization, Search providers, Native development, Networking, UI development


  • Application development – User interface, networking, Bluetooth

Windows Mobile / Windows Phone

  • OEM and application level with Windows CE and Windows Mobile
  • Application level with Windows Phone 7
  • Custom ROM and driver development, Telephony, Home Screen, Synchronization, Application UI


  • Application development – Networking, Bluetooth, UI applications


  • Windows Internals (intercepting APIs, device and filter drivers)
  • Windows Development (Shell programming, COM)
  • Outlook / Exchange development (MAPI, Exchange Web Services, WebDAV)
  • Synchronization (wired and wireless)