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Selected Work

Raja Software Labs is a product engineering company helping clients ship high volume, high impact products used by millions of users. We help companies bring their products to market quickly, efficiently, and with certainty. These are a few projects we've executed.

  • Image showing our work on LinkedIn


    RSL has been a key development partner for LinkedIn for over 10 years, with significant contributions to the flagship LinkedIn Android, iOS and web apps. Read more…

  • Image showing our work on Google Nest

    Google Nest

    RSL has been working with Nest for 8+ years, and has made significant contributions to the development of the Nest App and the Google Home App, along with some development work on Hangouts, GMail and Google+. Read more…

  • Image showing our work on Truepill


    RSL helped Truepill with full stack development to build and ship multiple end user medical solutions. Read more…

  • Image showing our work on CocoTerra


    RSL helped CocoTerra with the end-to-end architecture and implementation of the full system — this included the backend services, IoT signalling mechanisms to communicate with the device, smartphone Companion apps, and the e-commerce website. Read more…

  • Image showing our work on StubHub


    RSL worked with StubHub to analyze the existing mobile app code and suggest architectural framework and performance improvements. Read more…

  • Image showing our work on Vida Health

    Vida Health

    RSL helped Vida with its Android and iOS mobile app, as well as web front end development. Read more…

  • Image showing our work on Wimm, Pebble

    Wimm, Pebble

    RSL built the Bluetooth Connectivity module for the Wimm Smartwatch, as well as Android and iOS Companion Apps for Wimm and Pebble that communicated with the watch. Read more…

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