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We’ve built our reputation by being right very often



RSL is a core technical company with a highly trained and motivated workforce. Software platforms and technology trends are constantly changing, but the key structural tenets of software design, development and delivery remain the same. Our core expertise is to help ship your product – with high quality and with certainty. We are in the peace of mind business. Your peace of mind.

We follow a common sense approach to software development. We borrow freely from various methodologies – we like the flexibility of agile, but also embrace the rigor required of the waterfall model. While there is nothing unique about our process, it is a blend of things that has worked well over the years for us, and more importantly, our clients.

Client Interaction

We value constant interaction with the client – we provide regular updates to keep you up-to-date through code deliverables, bug updates, and status updates. We document things – and use bug databases as our source of truth.

It takes a lot of functional teams to ship a product. Software teams need to interact with other engineering teams and groups like QA, User Experience, Program Management, Product Marketing, and the Executive team to get the complete picture as well as ensuring end-to-end deliverables. Having dedicated points of contact allows us to understand and execute against your overall vision.

Leave the managing to us

We have a single point of contact for you – whether it is a bug that needs immediate attention, code review comments, status updates, or questions regarding the design, you always work with a dedicated point of contact. We are self-managed without you needing to hand hold us. You have enough things to worry about – let us manage our own development process.

We like processes, but are flexible

Different scenarios call for different approaches. We are flexible. But that is no excuse for not following good programming practices: code reviews, test coverage, steady check-ins rather than monthly drops, detailed documentation, etc.

Code transparency

At the end of the day, it is all about the code – high quality code that does what it is supposed to do. With all our clients, we check-in our code changes directly into their source code control system. So you can see, understand and critique what we deliver.


We take responsibility for our deliverables. There is no “acceptance period” for our code. If you find a bug in our code, we will fix it – anytime.

We have internal QA resources testing our code before we deliver it to you. We understand that the only way we can move onto newer projects is to make sure that what we deliver today works well.