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Getting In

Are you the right fit?

Are you interested in hands-on coding and debugging? Are you interested in new devices and new technologies? Do you look at an app and wonder how a feature was implemented? Do you debug in your dreams? Does elegant design and clean code invigorate you? If so, we are looking for you.

Apart from specific technical requirements, we are looking for some of the following skills in a future RSL employee:

  • You have good aptitude and a strong willingness to learn new things. We can teach you the right skills – but the attitude to learn is yours.
  • You are comfortable working out of your comfort zone. You have the willingness to try new things and the ability to learn on your feet.
  • You enjoy problem solving and writing code.
  • You are passionate about technology and like to understand things in depth.
  • You are motivated and are a doer. You see challenges as a stepping stone for growth and relish facing them. You are willing to go the extra mile to make something better.
  • You can work as an independent resource but still be able to contribute as part of a team.
  • You have a passion for quality. The path to solving a problem is as important to you as the solution itself.
  • You understand that you are joining a startup – things can get chaotic but it is never dull.
  • And most importantly, you want to build something from scratch and ship.

The Application Process – What to Expect

We are always looking for good engineers. Check out our Openings page to find the position that best fits you.

This section gives you a basic overview of what to expect when you apply for a job at RSL.


  • Once we review your resume and find it to be a good fit, we will schedule you for some online tests.
  • Depending on your experience level, you will undergo online tests for (a) Aptitude and Basic Technical competency – this is a multiple choice test, and (b) Detailed Programming test. You can choose to take the programming test in the programming language you are most comfortable with – Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, TypeScript, C, C++, C#, etc.
  • If you qualify in the written tests, you will be scheduled for face-to-face interviews.
  • You will typically interview with 2 or 3 engineers. The interviews will be technical and involve writing and discussing code. There will be some problem solving exercises.
  • The interviews are designed to quickly identify your coding expertise. If you are a hands-on engineer actively developing software on a daily basis, then you will need very minimal preparation for the interviews.
  • Apart from technical competence, you will be judged on overall fit within the company.
  • If we feel you are a good fit for RSL, an offer will be made in 2-3 business days.