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How we grew over the years


After leading technical teams for over 15 years at a variety of companies, Raja saw the business need for small technical teams that could focus on core challenges without the daily distractions typical in organizations. These teams needed to be cross functional, assembled and disbanded quickly, provide key technical expertise, understand the product vision, and be equally adept at investigating feasibility, productizing features, defining the architecture, implementation, and eventually shipping the solution.

RSL was founded to solve these problems. We are a product engineering company that is deeply technical. We help clients:

  • Ship high volume, high impact products used by millions of users
  • Design and implement end-to-end solutions
  • Investigate technically feasibility and alternatives
  • Take ownership and do whatever it takes to ship

We understand that requirements will likely evolve over the course of product development. We believe that code and check-in comments are better than status meetings. And that shipping is paramount.

We provide staff augmentation services where our software engineers work alongside client developers to help them ship their solutions on time and with certainty.

If you agree, give RSL a try.

A timeline showing RSL's origin, milestones, and growth