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Acclamations from our clients


  • Karl Townsend

    Founder at Green Throttle, Investor at CocoTerra

    “I have worked with Raja and his team at multiple startups, including Green Throttle Games and CocoTerra. Raja Software was instrumental in augmenting our development teams by creating the mobile app and backend services at both companies. His team quickly understood our requirements, and met or exceeded each milestone as we deployed our service - they were very professional throughout the entire process.

    I would highly recommend Raja and his his team for any software development needs from mobile apps to backend and everything in between.”

    Karl Townsend

    Founder at Green Throttle, Investor at CocoTerra

  • Pradeepta Dash

    SVP, Engineering, Truepill

    “I had the pleasure of working with the team from Raja Software across two companies - LinkedIn (part of Microsoft) and Truepill (YCombinator backed series D healthcare startup). They helped with mobile and web development at LinkedIn, and fullstack development at Truepill. The team is technically talented, well organized and most importantly communicates well - which is crucial for remote teams.

    I highly recommend Raja Software for any organizations looking to augment their engineering teams while lowering costs and providing round the clock coverage.”

    Pradeepta Dash

    SVP, Engineering, Truepill

  • Michael Plasterer

    VP - Software Engineering, WIMM Labs

    “I have had the great pleasure of working with Raja Software Labs (RSL) for over five years, and have worked with the founder for almost 15 years. And in all those years, RSL has literally saved dozens of commercial projects for me at three separate companies. In projects ranging from Windows Desktop and low level Windows OS programming, to smartphone application development on WinMo, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry and Android, to Linux hosted web services, RSL has come through on every project we’ve thrown at them. They adapt to internal source code control and bug tracking systems immediately, their code is always thoroughly tested and well documented, and – the highest praise of all – the code does what it’s expected to do. QA teams love working with RSL as they take the time to explain specific implementation as well as how to test their components.

    Whether starting with fully designed Functional Requirements and UI flows, or a simple, high level emailed description, RSL is able to come up to speed extremely quickly with little or no overhead. Focused and to the point, they manage their development tasks with little to no overhead. Often coming into projects mid-stream, RSL earns the respect of the internal teams they work with because they don’t burden existing teams or break the build. On the contrary, check-ins from RSL are often used as the gold standard in terms of how changes should be managed. In many cases, I have used RSL to help educate and improve the effectiveness of internal teams, as well as communicate technical issues across all levels of the company including Executive presentations.

    Having worked with hundreds of engineers and numerous external vendors over the years, I can easily say that Raja Software is the most consistently reliable and versatile group I have ever worked with. And I highly recommend RSL without reservation.”

    Michael Plasterer

    VP - Software Engineering, WIMM Labs

  • Nathaniel Wheelock

    QA Director, WIMM Labs

    “As I’ve been managing the quality of products for over 10 years now, I have to say that working with Raja Software has been a breath of fresh air. My experience with Raja Software and Raja directly has spread across two companies where we’ve focused on development of two very different products and platforms in the mobile consumer electronics space. The experience with Raja Software has been equally great on all fronts.

    Raja consistently makes a point of ensuring that quality is one of the key pillars of software development from the beginning of the process. He does this in many ways including keeping the quality team informed directly of design decisions and the architecture of the software being produced. Raja Software also makes a habit of building testability into their software by always adding ways to enable detailed logging as well as by delivering test applications along with functional software to ensure full testability of each of the components being delivered. High quality logging and test applications have been delivered along with each piece of code I’ve seen produced by Raja Software since I’ve been working with them. It is clear from these consistent behaviors that Raja Software values quality and understands that these actions actively improve the overall quality of software.

    Beyond just adding testability and additional code coverage via test applications, Raja Software adds additional quality value by thoroughly investigating all bugs filed to ensure even bugs with little data or those difficult to reproduce are root caused and that the root cause is well documented in the bug itself. Often, along with the root cause, Raja Software will also point out other bugs located in the code during the investigation, how to validate they are fixed and additional tests or test applications that can be run to validate their code fixes. They are also quick to point out side effects that may occur and how to test for them if necessary, thus improving the overall quality of the product being delivered.

    Working with Raja Software has been an extremely positive experience. I look forward to continuing to work closely with Raja Software as I believe the products produced by close collaboration between Raja Software and Quality Assurance produces a superior and more reliable product.”

    Nathaniel Wheelock

    QA Director, WIMM Labs

  • Monty Boyer

    Director - Product Software Engineering, Plastic Logic

    “Raja Software has been working with Plastic Logic since mid-2008 on a series of projects related to our eReader products. During that time Raja Software has repeatedly proven their value as a contributor to our product software. They’ve been very technically knowledgeable and capable on several platforms, especially Windows, Windows CE, Blackberry and Android. They’ve provided successful solutions at the system level, middleware and app level with special emphasis on a variety of synchronization challenges.

    Raja Software has been incredibly dependable with on time delivery of well architected, designed and implemented software. The quality of their deliverables has always been very high. They are often also very involved in the translation of product functional ideas into well architected solutions that solve near term and anticipated future requirements, communicating very effectively with the cross functional product teams.”

    Monty Boyer

    Director - Product Software Engineering, Plastic Logic

  • Steven Glass

    Sr. Director, Technical Marketing, Plastic Logic

    “It's a pleasure working with Raja Software. They add value in every phase of the project. During the requirements and definition phase, they don't take initial requests at face value but dig deep to understand the subject and make sure that important features are not forgotten or that time is not wasted on features that are not required. Deliveries are solid and well tested before they are presented and they come with detailed documentation, making an integration quality team's job much easier. Bug reports are handled professionally and when changes are necessary, they are well documented so that quality teams understand what needs to be retested and where challenges may lie. Raja Software is also experienced with real world challenges caused by fast changing market requirements and customer feedback. They work well with product teams to suggest alternative approaches to solving problems, not just taking the most obvious or most expensive choice.”

    Steven Glass

    Sr. Director, Technical Marketing, Plastic Logic

  • Sabeen Minns

    VP - Product & Wireless Development, Palm

    “I have known Raja from his Palm days where he was part of the initial team that shipped devices on the Windows Mobile platform. After he started Raja Software, we hired his team on a number of smartphone initiatives. They are capable of taking ownership of the entire process from configuring the ROM, building applications, and getting the device through certification. They were very useful during the stability phase and helped us identify and root cause dozens of hard-to-reproduce issues.

    Raja has built a solid technical team and can work at all levels, from ROM configuration, middleware, to applications. Their code and documentation is high quality and they can work with minimal oversight. They have the ability to triage issues and focus on the critical ones. They integrate well with teams and have built good relationships with all cross functional teams.

    I would highly recommend them.”

    Sabeen Minns

    VP - Product & Wireless Development, Palm

  • Shawn Adamek

    President, Tribal Brands

    “We used Raja Software on a few projects and they did a great job delivering high quality applications on time. With minimal oversight, they were able to work with multiple stake holders: Carrier marketing, music industry representatives, Product Marketing, UI designers, engineers and QA. They were flexible with last minute design changes, suggested cost saving alternatives, and contributed to the overall product experience. Since these applications were in-built on the phone as part of the ROM, the quality bar was very high - and Raja Software came through with flying colors.

    We were particularly impressed by their technical expertise and the turn around time for any questions/issues. When a different project had some network issues on a different carrier, Raja pitched in and helped us out though they were not involved in that project at all. Raja and his team seemed to be always one-step ahead, anticipating issues and raising them to product management, so they could be resolved upfront instead of waiting for QA to report them. I would recommend them highly.”

    Shawn Adamek

    President, Tribal Brands

  • Carlos Chavez

    Manager - Tablet Architecture, Hewlett-Packard

    “We used Raja to train our newly staffed remote team in India. The remote group that we formed had extensive experience developing desktop applications, but limited experience programming applications for mobile operating systems. I contracted Raja to provide a training course on architecting applications for mobile operating systems, and then assist in the preliminary design of our applications. Raja worked closely with me and the manager of the remote team to gauge the strengths and weakness of the team. He then prepared the material to train the leads of the team, who would then in turn train the remainder of the team. Raja was able to quickly schedule the training and flew to the location for the training and a review of our application architecture. After the training, I received many positive comments from the team about the training. Raja provided additional email support through the course of our program. As a result of Raja’s training, the team improved their ability to deliver programs on schedule and with higher quality. Throughout the process his professional approach and deep knowledge of application development on mobile operating systems was key to the ongoing success of my group.”

    Carlos Chavez

    Manager - Tablet Architecture, Hewlett-Packard

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