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Because work is fun


We are a small team – we work hard, and play harder. We hire people who are passionate about what they do – not just about their work but in their lives too. We hire from diverse backgrounds and believe that each employee has something different to offer. We work in small, high energy teams – every employee is integral to our success. We offer excellent compensation packages, and provide a fun and challenging environment to enhance your career.

Top 10 Reasons to work at RSL

  1. Work on cool stuff – Shipping products to consumers is a heady feeling. Nothing beats the feeling of showing your creation, whether it is hardware or software, to friends and family. Experience the thrill of working on cool features used by millions of users and telling people that you built it.
  2. Geek is chic – We are a hard core technology company, focusing on new development. You will have lots of opportunities to design and develop from scratch, rather than maintaining existing code.
  3. Excellent compensation packages – We have been around for 15+ years but we operate like a startup. We understand that money is important to you and we consistently pay above industry average packages. Your growth potential and compensation are completely based on what you deliver.
  4. Shipping is everything – The most successful products combine technical innovation with human elements. Every feature is designed with the user in mind. You will learn to implement functionality that enhances usability, and that leads to the product shipping.
  5. You are as smart as the people you know – You will be working with smart people on interesting challenges. Irrespective of their background, you will learn something new from your teammates.
  6. Get better – Everyone in the company is hands-on. You will be working with experienced colleagues who are willing to mentor. Rather than training you on a particular technology, we try to teach you how to learn. You will always be learning through Tech Talks on diverse topics, hands-on training sessions, and opportunities to explore and deep dive into different topics.
  7. Trust is everything – We provide a sandbox to experiment and trust you to work through issues and deliver. You own a module end-to-end from concept to delivery.
  8. Failure is an option – We understand that you cannot innovate if you don’t try new things. And that most new things end in failure. Help is close by if you need it, but you are encouraged to try things on your own.
  9. Work-life balance – We are a team of passionate people. If you find us working late at night it is because we want to crack the problem before we go home, not because of unreasonable deadlines. Weekends are reserved for friends and family.
  10. Need more reasons? How about: – daily catered lunches, snacks, Friday ice creams, Birthday surprises, access to latest devices, tech talks, team lunches, movie outings. We are always open to new suggestions to make this a more enjoyable place.

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